Asalaam alaikum Younglings,

How is everyone today?

Today we’ll be discussing more subtleties we’ll encounter as we start diving deeper into the SubSpace of Remote Viewing (RV).

Probably my most favorite concept to contend with in dealing with the psychology of the fear of success.

They’ll come a time when you hit a high point then start descending in your percentages.

Happens all the time.

And what’s been found is that everyone invariably deals with the subconscious thought of being too good.

There’s a silent thought of, ‘Am I really that good?’ And what does that mean?

Just know that this will come up and eventually you’ll have to work with those subconscious blocks that get in the way.

In subsequent classes we’ll look at some of those blocks and what we can do to transform them.

So your assignment for today is to consider what and where could that limiting subconscious belief come from and how do we change it, if we want to.

See you tomorrow and this concludes Day25/365.

This is Friday, over and out.

May The Force Be With Us All.