Yassas Younglings,

How is everyone today?

Today we’ll be talking about some rather subtle yet very important concepts to be successful in Remote Viewing.




Let’s look at Intention first as it sets the tone for everything that you do. Intention is what you intend to get out of something and provides a framework for the end product to present itself for you.

So the question to ask is what do you intend to get out of a Remote Viewing (RV) session? Naturally, you intend to connect with your target clearly in the best way you know how. This becomes better with practice.

Next is Attention where you open up your channels of perception to pay attention to everything that comes through the subconscious space into the conscious.

Last is Expectation where you expect to get a response through the intention and attention of the remote viewing session.

So these are a few things to keep in mind as you begin to play in the world of Remote Viewing.

See you tomorrow and we’ll discuss more about the subtleties of SubSpace.

This is Friday and we conclude Day24/365.

May The Force Be With Us.